Engineering Ceramic in Automotive Industry

Engineering Ceramic in Automotive Industry 

1)   Foundry Cores for engine parts casting 

2)  Bush for engine design construction 

3)  Inductor Cores for induxtors in electronics circuits

4)  Nozzles in engine injection systems

5)   Heat Sink Ceramic for LED lighting systems

6)  Substrate for Oil Sensor to Monitor the level and the Pressure of engine Oil

7)  Ceramic Plate fir the orduction og hybrides in exhaust cars control system 

8)  ceramic ring in brake callipers system 

9)  Insulation products in the exhaust gas control system

10)  Ceramic disk in the ABS brake system 

                               Advanced Ceramics in Semiconductor & 5G Industry

Advanced Ceramics in Semiconductor & 5G Industry

* high temperature resistance and good mechanical properties in high temperature environments

* high anti-static properties

* Application : Depend end machine/Wire bonder/Mask aligner/LASER equipment/Valve of dispenser

* Semiconductor Transport track/Semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts, high temperature nozzles, welding fixtures, etc.

                                            Medical Technology industry in Technical Ceramic

Medical Technology industry in Technical Ceramic

inertness, non-toxicity,, high compressive strength, low friction coefficient, wear and chemical resistance,  very good aesthetics, and durability.

* Medical equipment: plunger pump, chemical experiment grinding bowl, medical mold

*  Enhance the operating life and performance efficiency of machines and systems, extend to included chemaical technilogy &precision engineering

                                       Hybrid linear bearings Focus on Linear Guides Technology

Ceramic linear guides 

* Increased Lifetime

* Higher stiffness 

* Reduced micro vibrations 

* Higher lubricants lifetime 

* Good dry running conditions (low lubrication or no lubrication) 

* Electric insulation 

* High chemical corrosional resistance 

* Non magnetic 

* Enables operation in ultra high vacuum (UHV) 

* Temperature resistance (against high and low temperatures)

                                               High Pressure Accessories in Advanced ceramic 

*  Water Cutting Machines(waterjet ceramic)

*  Autoclave in Food  industry

*  Fuild controlling valve/ pump 

*  Filling Tin/ pump in cosmetic industry