Blue ZrO2 Ceramic

Blue ZrO2 Ceramic

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Zirconia ceramic gears have very good wear resistance, higher wear resistance than cemented carbide, and have the advantages of corrosion resistance, non-magnetic conduction and non-conduction that cemented carbide does not have, self-lubricating, and environmental protection.

 It will not oxidize under certain high temperature environment. Our zirconia ceramic gear can achieve no color spots on the surface and no visible pores. Zirconia not only has the advantages of high hardness, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, etc., it does not oxidize under certain high temperature environment. 

It is also a very tough material in fine ceramics, so it is often used in structural parts and wear-resistant parts. In addition to being commonly used in the field of industrial structural parts, zirconium oxide has a jade-like texture and is widely used in living ceramics.

Custom Zirconia Ceramic Components in different shapes and different colors :

Zirconia Ceramic Tube Rod Pin Shaft

ZrO2 Zirconia Ceramic ring, flange 

Zirconia Bezel watch ring

Zirconia plunger, piston

ZrO2 Zirconia ceramic washer, wafer 

spacerZirconia Ceramic Substrate Sheet

Zirconia ceramic bladeZirconia ceramic plate

Zirconia blockZro2 Zirconia ceramic tube, bushing , Sleeve, bush

Zirconia Ceramic BallZirconia valve , valve seat 

Zirconia Components for sand milling machine

Zirconia Ceramic Dispersing Disk , Zirconia Disc

Zirconia Cone for wire guide , Zirconia ceramic roller pulley

Zirconia grinding head

XY Ceramic Property
XY GradeZ-100Z-200Z-300ZM-100ZB-100
Flexural Strength Mpa900105012004501100
Compressive StrengthMpa21002200230016002300
Modules of ElasticityGpa200210220210220
Fracture ToughnessMPam1/26785.57
Poision's Ratio0.
Hardness HRAHRA8990908890
Vickers HardnessHV112501450145012401450
Thermal Expansion Coefficient10-6K-11110101010
Thermal ConductivityW/mk33333
Thermal Shock Resistance△T.℃400400400400
Maximum Use Temperature
in Oxidizing Atmosphere
Max Use Temperature
in Reducing or Inert Atmosphere
Volume Resistivity at 20℃
Dielectric Strength