Ceramic linear guides

Ceramic linear guides

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Best Tenacity ceramic materials - ZrO2  

Material performance:    

  • Tenacity 6-10MPam1 / 2  
  •  (High thermal expansion performance close to steel a = 10 x 10-6 / K)
  •   (Excellent thermal insulation/low thermal conductivity  3W / mK)
  •   Maximum working temperature 1000℃  
  •  Excellent chemical stability  


Application property:         

Zirconia (ZrO2) has a high melting point, oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance, has a very high working temperature, and has excellent toughness, so it is often used in high temperature parts and mechanical wear parts. , Structural parts combined with other steel. Excellent combination features are low heat, high bending strength and low thermal conductivity, and stable high temperature performance, stable thermal shock performance, and excellent chemical stability. Therefore, it is often used in precision equipment, medical equipment, chemical engineering and other fields.  

Application fields:  

  • Welding industry: welding heat insulation plate* 
  •  Testing equipment: plug gauge, standard gauge, detection needle* 
  •  New Energy for Lithium Battery: Diaphragm Cutter*  
  • Automotive industry: zirconium oxide sensor for automotive exhaust
  • 3C electronics: watch bezel/ mirror, mobile phone back /fingerprint film/middle frame, knives, bracelets, pendants, earphones, smart speakers* 
  • Mechanical engineering: pin/ sleeve, sealing ring, sealing