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Super-hard ceramic material 

Material performance: 

  • ( Density 3.20g / cm3) 
  • (Hardness 94HRA) 
  • (High thermal conductivity 80W / mk) 
  • (Low expansion coefficient  4.5x10-6 / k,400℃) 
  • Max Operating temperature 1600℃ 
  •  good corrosion resistance and wear resistance at high temperatures.

Silicon carbide is one of the hardest materials in the fine ceramics and hardness close to diamond.

 It is not only the lightest weight, but also has excellent thermal conductivity, high temperature chemical stability, low thermal expansion,

 and extremely acid and alkali resistance. 

Therefore, silicon carbide is an excellent material for kiln furniture, stove materials, and high temperature resistant parts. 

Silicon carbide's excellent resistance to corrosion, wear and erosion is as good as its ability to withstand friction and wear.Typical applications of silicon carbide components are dynamic sealing technology and mechanical seals using friction bearings.