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Optics & Thermal Conduction Application

Using the characteristics of ceramic optical coefficients can be seen everywhere in life, such as paints and ceramic glazes. In the nuclear industry, the use of lead, barium and other heavy ion ceramics to absorb and fix nuclear radiation waves is widely used in nuclear waste treatment. Ceramics are also an important materials for solid-state laser generators, such as ruby​lasers and yttrium garnet lasers. Optical fiber is the main transmission medium of modern communication signals. It has the characteristics of low signal loss, high fidelity, and large capacity, which are superior to metal signal transmission lines.

Heat-resistant ceramics, heat-insulating ceramics, and heat-conducting ceramics are the main applications of ceramics in thermal aspects. Among them, heat-resistant ceramics mainly include Al2O3, MgO, SiC, etc., because they have good high temperature stability, they can be used as refractory materials in the metallurgical industry and other industries. Thermal insulation ceramics have a good thermal insulation effect and are widely used in various fields.


  ★ Camera Devices

  ★ X-ray and Gamma ray detection, laboratory, analytical, and portable

  ★ Electric & Gas-powered automated instruments

  ★ Particle accelerator industry