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01Rich Experience in Manufacturing & Application Solutions

Focus on tungsten carbide ceramic materials research and development, manufacturing, precision machining and application solutions for 20 years; accumulated successful application examples for many years

02Professional R&D Team

The company has 2 doctors in ceramic materials, 7 tungsten carbide ceramic engineers, and strong R&D support from scientific research institutes

03Precision Manufacturing and Processing Equipment

A well-equipped ceramic laboratory and a full set of advanced manufacturing and testing equipment and processing equipment: Air pressure sintering furnace, Vacuum sintering furnace,Tunnel kiln. CNC five-axis precision carving machine, optical curve grinder, mirror spark machine, AgieCharmilles slow wire walking machine, etc.

04High Precision Products

Imported raw materials and advanced high-precision processing equipment, parts tolerance can reach ±0.002mm

05Rigorous Quality Inspection Control Measures

Strictly control quality and provide suitable application solutions

06Respond Quickly and Strive to Provide Quality Services

Provide you with answers within 4 hours in China and 24 hours in the world; provide personalized and high-quality services, product quality and more efficient, ensure worry-free after-sales; can provide services to customers around the world

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Advanced Ceramic

Advance ceramic  has excellent  toughness, hardness, electrical insulation,  well heat -resistant , well wear-resistant,  well oxidation resistant and other features. It’s  widely used in various industries such as Optical communication, Space technology,  and the marketing is getting bigger and bigger.

Zirconia(ZrO2) Series

The features of Zirconia ceramics are high toughness, good wear resistant, high flexural strength and well heat-resistant, and its thermal expansion coefficient is close to metal’s .And it is the most ductile ceramic materials and are known as "Ceramic steel". It is also one of the most widely used ceramic materials in industrial production and life.

Application Areas:

Optical communication parts(Ceramic croe pin,Ceramic tube)

Medical plunger(Valve core,Valve sleeve,Filling pump)

Mobile phone parts(Fingerprint recognition,Back cover)

Special structural parts

Automotive oxygen sensor

Smart wear (Watch case,Accessories)

Fuel cell

Silicon Nitride(Si3N4) Series

Silicon Nitride has very low density, excellent anti-corrosion ,  and excellent oxidation resistant in high temperature environment

The overall performance of Si3N4 is relatively balanced and has no weak links. Therefore, it is known as "the King of comprehensive performance of Advanced Ceramics"

Application Areas:

Machinery Industry (Electric machinery bearing,Electric Spindle)

Metallurgical industry (Welding roller,Water-resistanct ring)

Auto parts (Turbine rotor,Cam tappet)

Industry wear parts (Metal forming,Cutting tools,Sand blasting nozzle)



Alumina(Al2O3) Series

Alumina ceramic has good mechanical strength, smooth surface, and good wear resistance

Alumina ceramics has better electrical properties than other ceramic products, so they are widely used for insulating parts

Application Areas:

Smelting (Crucible,Physicochemical containers)

Electronics Industry (Circuit board,Tube-socket,Outer casing)

Machinery Industry (Bearing)

Silicon Carbide(SiC)  Series

Silicon carbide ceramic has good performance of thermal conductivity, wear-reasitant, thermal stability and high hardness.And SiC as a semiconductor material, its electrical insulation cannot be compared with other ceramics.

Application Areas:

Oil (Valve ,Nozzles)

Machinery Industry (Ball bearing)

Chemical Industry ( Sealing parts)

Aerospace(Gas turbine blades,Turbocharger rotor)

Ceramic Products

DONGGUAN XY PRECISION TUNGSTEN CARBIDE CO.,LTD. established in 2001, is a professional manufacturer specializing in precision Tungsten Carbide and Ceramic over 10 years. We not only provide excellent product and service, also can customize suitable solution according to your requirements.

XYC committed to the research, production, promotion and application of high precision moulds and ultra hard material in various industries, such as aviation, aerosp petroleum, automotive, hardware, electronics, photovoltaic solar energy, new energy battery, textile, pump, chemical, medical equipment, automation equipment and etc.

All manufacturing procedures in XYC is under ISO9001 demands, and own advanced machining equipment such as Sodick Wire Cutting Machine, Charmilles Mirror EDM Machine, CNC cylindrical grinder, Agie slow-feeding linear cutting machine, High-speed WEDMs, CNC Machine and a complete set of inspection equipment. Finished products can reach 0.002mm of tolerance, the concentricity, parallelism, verticality and planeness can be within 0.005 mm, and the surface smoothness can reach mirror effect. We are full of confident that we could meet our clients various, special and urgent requirements.

XYC sincerely appreciate the strong and persistent support from our clients. We will keep on improve ourselves in high-quality products & good service with competitive price. Hoping to make more new friends all over the world and establish wide business cooperation with you.