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Welding Technology -SI3N4

Silicon nitride has an excellent combination of material properties. The density is low, but it is extremely hard, and the special crystal structure gives it excellent thermal stability and high fracture toughness. Become a better choice for use under extreme conditions. Therefore, silicon nitride ceramic is the best choice for high-speed and high-precision bearings. It is also an important material for high-temperature forming, high-speed cutting tools, and high-temperature wear-resistant parts

XYC is a silicon nitride manufacturer from raw materials to processing and molding. In 2023, the manufacturing proportion of ceramic welding rollers in China has reached more than 80%, and it is deeply recognized by overseas customers and has established a good cooperative relationship.


Silicon nitride ceramics are used for alignment rollers and guide rollers made by welding or forming techniques, which have the characteristics of high strength, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance.


Furthermore, low density and a low tendency to stick to metal semi-finished products and components complement the aggressive performance spectrum. In this way, a particularly long service life of the components and their bearings can be achieved and maintenance-related downtimes can be minimized.

Another advantage is that no eddy currents are created in the welded pipe when the pipe is heated by induction. The energy efficiency of the welding process can thus be increased. Of course, other components for soldering technology can also be made of si3n4.  For example : welding nozzles and centering pins,sealing.

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