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Ceramic Necking Die

Zirconia ceramic material

The physical and mechanical properties of Zirconia enable a variety of applications with high mechanical loads. Zirconia is widely used in tooling and mechanical engineering, for example in Drawing cones, Drawing dies and Metal forming parts.

Material properties

1, Good insulating properties

2, Very low thermal conductivity (Heat storage), close to the thermal expansion coefficient of metallic materials

3, High edge strength, high flexural strength

4, High hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance

5, Excellent toughness

6, Good sliding properties when using "Molding technology"

7, Made of toughened structural ceramic material, high mechanical strength and long service life

Advantages of Ceramic necking die

Non-stick Metal

It has no affinity with metal materials, and does not adhere to metal materials during diameter reduction, which improves product quality and service life.

Good Sealing

The comprehensive performance is better than that of metal molds. Because of its self-lubricating properties, it can be perfectly fitted with the processed products and has excellent sealing performance.


It is more wear-resistant than other metal materials during use, generally more than 10 times that of metal and other material molds.

Food Grade

In line with FDA US food industry standards, it has excellent biocompatibility and excellent affinity with the human body.


Green and pollution-free, it can save more than 30% of energy in metal forming work.