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As a pioneer and market leader in the manufacture of technical ceramics for semiconductor bonding tools for many years.

XYC positions itself as a manufacturer of advanced high-tech tools utilizing state-of-the-art craftsmanship

Our production capabilities range from conventional machining to CNC machining, including milling, turning, surface grinding, honing, jig grinding and more. Our proprietary ceramic injection molding technology (CIM Process)for small complex parts ensures customers get the highest quality high alumina ceramic/zirconia ceramic/silicon carbide/silicon nitride ceramic material through XYC's own in-house formulation and sintering.

Our equipment and manufacturing techniques are the most advanced in the ultra-precision tool industry. We carry out standard and custom designs according to the specific requirements of our customers. All tools meet high precision dimensional requirements.

 XYC's material and process technology laboratory in Guangdong provides technical support and services such as material analysis, process evaluation and characterization, and tool design optimization, and has established its own ceramic R&D center in  Sep.2022.

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