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XYC is a manufacturer and supplier of Advanced Ceramic/ Hardmatel since 2002 and is active to support foreignal customers from Europe, USA, Asia with more than 2000 companies. Well over 10.000 products components and parts by our Dongguan Factory site. we committed to becoming the leader in the application of new materials in the world. 

XYC has a research and development team composed of 30 professors and engineers, its own ceramic material laboratory and geometric size inspection room, and nearly 100 precision manufacturing equipment, optical curve grinding, CNC cylindrical grinding machine, CNC precision milling machine, etc., complete Advanced ceramic manufacturing equipment, air pressure sintering furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, cold isostatic pressing/ Hot isostatic pressing (CIP/HIP ceramic), Dry press, injection molding machine(CIM) process, mud smelting equipment, etc., with various mature forming and processing technologies.



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XYC Specialized in Manufacturing and Exporting Ceramic Products, Such as Zirconia Ceramics(ZrO2), Magnesia Stabilized Zirconia Mg-PSZ (KZM), Alumina Ceramics(Al2O3), Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA), Silicon Carbide Ceramics(SSIC), Silicon Nitride(Si3N4) and Color Ceramic.The main markets are concentrated in Asia, Europe and North America. Customers involve precision machinery, Mold manufacturing, Medical equipment, Energy/Gas/ Petroleum, Food-based, 3C electronics, Defense and military industries and many other industries. It has provided services to more than 2,000 companies at home and abroad.


  • Zirconia

  • Alumina

  • Silicon Nitride

  • Silicon Carbide

  • ZrO2

  • Al2O3

  • Si3N4

  • Sic

XYC Solutions

Provide Technical Solution for Advance Ceramic

Semiconductor Ceramic Products

Why ceramics for semiconductor manufacturing?
Because of their plasma resistance, purity, and reduced particle generation. Featured here is a nozzle used in etch chambers, which is designed for precise gas flow rate and uniform control to evenly disperse gasses into the chamber.


Welding Technology -SI3N4

Silicon nitride has an excellent combination of material properties. The density is low, but it is extremely hard, and the special crystal structure gives it excellent thermal stability and high fracture toughness. Become a better choice for use under extreme conditions



Advanced Ceramics for Automotive
Technical ceramics make a key contribution to vehicle mobility, such as in vehicle and vehicle manufacturing facilities; In a wide variety of applications as components and parts. XYC also provides high-performance advanced ceramic products for internal combustion engine vehicles.